Hair Extensions

Hair Works & Beauty are Hammersmith’s hair extension specialists.

Everyone wants voluptuous hair which makes us look and feel beautiful. However not all of us were born with bountiful and thick hair, and that is where Hair Works & Beauty can help. We can help with longer, fuller, thicker hair and hair that shines. Our best quality hair matching service can help you get you your exact colour and preferred style.

Hair extensions can be affordable and luxurious. We offer 100% human hair which can be applied using different methods depending on your hair type and style required. Our long-lasting and pain-free hair extensions will stand the test of time and make you look and feel great.

Closure part weavefrom £110
Full head weavefrom £120
Frontal part weavefrom £130
Closure part wigfrom £140
Costume made frontal wigfrom £150
Micro ring weft/LA weaveper row£160
Micro ring (Full head, any colour, any length, 100% human hair)£350
Tape extension (Any colour, any length)£350
Full lace women’s wig (Any colour, any length)£590