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Hair Works Hair Replacement
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Potential Scars
Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia (DUPA)

Hair Loss Getting You Down?

We believe a person’s lifestyle is significantly affected by their hair. Therefore, losing your hair can cause your lifestyle to deteriorate. 

Why is hair loss so devastating to men and women? It causes a loss of confidence, sense of attractiveness, and feelings of virility. Hair loss is also linked to aging, and results in a person feeling older than they are.

Why Choose Hair Replacement Over a Hair Transplant?

The cost. Hair transplants are extremely expensive, while hair replacement can result in a better outcome at a reduced price, as well as immediate results. Walk out with your confidence and power restored, and a new look.

The risks. Risks of a hair transplant include scarring, infection, a lack of donation hair, the transplanted hair not taking, hair continuing to thin around the transplant, and a lack of permanancy.

Health issues. People with certain health issues may not be able to receive a hair transplant. These include people with cancer who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, and people with diffuse unpatterned alopecia (DUPA) – shown in the images to the left.

Our 100% human hair systems will help get you back on track.

Our Aim

We’ve been in the hair and beauty industry for the past 40 years, and in the same salon for the last 20 years. We’re proud to work in a friendly, clean environment, and believe this will immediately grab your attention. Hair and hair replacement related fashion evolves constantly, and we will use our up to date knowledge to provide you with a stylish hair system. 

Our prices are kept as affordable as possible, as our aim is to give the customers the best possible result at the lowest possible price. We would be glad to warmly welcome you to our salon, and look forward to seeing you. When you exit our salon, we want you to feel like a new person.

Our Team

Mehtap Ada – Hair Extensions

Metin Karabulut – Hair Replacement

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